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5 ways to display your personality in your home

By Mo Zeitouneh

In the process of decorating or redecorating your home? Discover how your personality can shine through with your choices.

Much like how your personality can be expressed through your clothing, the same can be said about your interior design style choices.

The good news is you don’t need to be an interior stylist or art expert to execute a flawless space. You just need the confidence to let your personality show.

Here are some ways to demonstrate your unique style at home.

1. Showcase your favourite theme

Your style theme is one aspect of your taste. Whether you like contemporary, classic, natural or luxury, an overarching theme can tie everything in your space together.

Start a mood board and find out what colours, textures and styles you like. Picture: Pexels

To figure out your favourite style themes, the best and easiest place to start is Pinterest.

“I renovated my home around a year ago and I can’t even tell you how many Pinterest boards I had,” content director for Snooze, Danielle Frazzetto, shares.

“I had one for each room – the bedrooms, the laundry, everything! Through that process [of compiling images you like], you start to see where things align and which patterns emerge.”

2. Express yourself with colour

Why not create a home or space you absolutely love by decorating it with your favourite colours. It will show off your personality and be thoroughly enjoyable for you as well.

Be bold and unapologetic with your favourite colours – it won’t go unnoticed! Picture: Pexels

Can’t narrow down your favourite colour(s)?

“[Take inspiration from] something you really like; it could be a piece of clothing or an image, a photograph — anything,” stylist for Snooze, Mae Abas, shares.

“We were lucky enough to go to Tasmania recently and the nature colour palette there really inspired me. I realised I like bringing the outside in. Not so much the greenery, more the neutral tones and textures.”

While once upon a time you may have opted for a feature wall to display colour, you can now weave it in through a variety of decor.

3. Don’t disregard texture

Texture in a space adds another layer of depth and interest. It can work to amplify your personal style theme.

“Textures add warmth to your space and can also add airiness,” Mae explains.

“Sheer fabrics that bring light through your window, like linen, go well with Scandi or coastal style homes. Luxury styles call for velvet or richer fabrics in bolder colours. Meanwhile, in winter, chunky knits serve the popular Nordic theme.”

4. Consider the line and shape of your furniture

The colour of your furniture is one aspect that services a style. For example, if opting for timber, you will know which colour you’re drawn to and which works with your space.

A straight-lined bed will suit most styles, but the little flourishes make it special. Picture: Snooze

However, the lesser-considered feature is line and shape. When it comes to personality, the devil is in the details and the stronger the details, the stronger the personality.

“I like my furniture like I like my clothing: very minimalist and structured,” Danielle says. “I don’t have a lot of rounded shapes in my home, instead I have a lot of straight lines and rectangular shapes.”

When it comes to bedrooms for instance, a very angular and streamlined bed frame or bedhead will offer a different result to one that is softer and curved.

5. Add personal touches through decor

Use photographs, sentimental pieces, souvenirs or even your own artwork for that pièce de résistance of personal flare.

You may have pieces you’ve collected while travelling, or sentimental tokens you wish to display.

“I find a balance between sentimental pieces, and new decor work for me,” Danielle adds. “It’s a nice way to show off things that mean something you, and is also a great conversation starter when you have people over.”


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