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7 handy hacks to know before moving day

By Mo Zeitouneh

You’ve probably been told all the basic tips for preparing to move house – like book in a removalist and correctly label all your boxes – but what are the things nobody seems to know until it’s too late?

Well, we’re going to share them with you! We’ve asked the true experts in moving house, the people who have just done it.

Here are seven savvy hacks from recent movers.

1. Declutter pre-move, not post

Michelle Anderson of Labrador in Queensland recommends taking the time to declutter your house before moving.

“Most people leave packing until the last minute, then throw everything in thinking they’ll declutter as they unpack – but that never happens,” she says.

“We could save so much time, money and effort if we just declutter first.”

Decutter before, not during the move. Photo: Getty

2. List any items for sale ASAP

Give yourself plenty of time to sell items before moving day, advises Laura Turner from Adelaide, as selling unwanted stuff takes longer than you think.

“There’s nothing more stressful than trying to sell a fridge that won’t fit in your new house or having buyers picking it up an hour before you need to handover the keys,” she says.

“You can list things you’re still using by mentioning what date it will be available for collection so you can pre-sell it.”

3. Sort out your internet and electricity

In the months leading up to your move date, let your energy and internet providers know so you have them connected for move day, recommends Sharon Westin of Ashwood in Victoria.

Having internet ready to go will make everything easier – especially if you have kids! Picture: REA Group

4. Start packing non-essentials early

“Start opening your cupboards and you’ll no doubt find more items than you think,” says Sarah from Adelaide.

“Over half of it you probably don’t need on a daily basis, so get them packed and ready to go now rather than last minute.”

5. Pack an essentials kit for the first night

Fi Styles-Longmire from Melbourne’s top hack is to pack an essentials kit on moving day.

“Have one specific box for all the things you’ll need for that first night and the next day, like remote controls, laptops, chargers, snacks, cutlery, plate, cup, PJs, toiletries,” she says.

“Don’t forget to take that box with you in the car!” Fi adds, explaining it’s important not to get it mixed up with other boxes in the moving truck.

Preparation is key. Photo: Getty

6. Try this epic clothes packing hack

Don’t remove your clothes from their hangers, says Fi Styles-Longmire.

“A huge time saver is to put an elastic band around 10-15 items and then put a garbage bag over the top,” she says.

“This will protect them and save lots of time at the other end!”

7. Create a furniture and contents plan

When Reese Adams recently moved, she came up with a furniture and contents plan for each room so she could “make the most of the muscle on moving day.”

“Have the movers place your furniture exactly how you want it as you move in, as it will save you trying to rearrange heavy furniture as you’re unpacking your boxes,” she says.


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