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How to successfully work from home amid COVID-19

By Ben Jusufi

Many of us are now a few weeks into working from home and it’s fair to say the results have been mixed. We wanted to check in and find out how you’re coping in these unprecedented times.

How is WFH life treating you?

With many of us feeling isolated and cut off from friends and family, along with stresses of family life and homeschooling, it’s easy to forget that we’re all going through the same thing.

We conducted an Instagram poll to reach out and see how you’re going because, it may sound cheesy, but we are all in this together. Around 800 people responded to each question.

While some responders feel more productive, many say they’d prefer being in the office.

‘Working’ from home

When it comes to working from home, 60% of responders haven’t been feeling as productive as they would be in the office – no surprise, really, as a third of responders are working from a household with kids.

Around 60% of responders had set up a home office from which to work, and the same number again swear they don’t have the TV on in the background.

Many people are happy to work with the TV on in the background.


What should a daily routine amid COVID-19 physical distancing look like? Experts say we should be trying to keep as healthy and active as possible to maximise mental health and ward off any extra bouts of depression and anxiety.

When it comes to sleeping, 56% of our responders are sleeping in, rather than getting up at their normal time. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the extra sleep has been a godsend!

Most responders don’t seem too worried about video conferencing with their boss either, with 74% spending their days in their pyjamas. The other 26% are getting dressed as they normally would for work.

Staying in bed and enjoying a bit of extra sleep is seemingly very popular with those working from home.

Responders also gave their top tips for working from home amid COVID-19.

  • Instead of focusing on office formalities, focus on the value you deliver
  • Don’t be too hard on the kids or yourself
  • Just breathe and know something will give
  • Include the kids wherever possible
  • Have a quiet zone
  • Make sure to have breaks – even block it out in your calendar
  • Don’t change your routine just because you’re WFH
  • Use headphones

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