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Real estate reopening Victoria: Everything you need to know about home inspections, moving

By Mo Zeitouneh

It’s been a big start to the week for Victoria with the state’s roadmap out of lockdown announced and a timeline outlined for industries including real estate to reopen.

Premier Daniel Andrews on Sunday revealed when 70 per cent of eligible Victorians had two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, Melbourne’s lockdown would end and on-site auctions would be allowed outside with up to 50 fully vaccinated attendees.

In-person private inspections are back, while auctions remain online under the government’s new Covid-19 roadmap. Picture: Julian Andrews

But what does it mean for those looking to buy, sell and move house at the moment?

Here’s everything you need to know about how current restrictions affect real estate.

Private auctions are now permitted via a booking system. Picture: Julian Andrews

Can I inspect a property I want to rent/buy?

Yes, but you must book via a scheduled appointment system.

The tenant/owner must not be present and the agent must wait outside.

Only one household can inspect a property at a time.

Can someone inspect my property if they are considering renting/buying it?

Yes, but you must leave the property while they are there.

You cannot come into contact with those inspecting your property.

Can I travel outside my 10km zone to attend a property inspection?

Yes, inspecting a property for new purchase or end of lease reasons are permitted.

The Department of Health has confirmed you can travel outside your 10km to attend a property inspection, however you cannot travel to a regional area if you live in metro Melbourne.

See above for further regulations.

Is my partner/agent allowed to come inside while I inspect a property?

Those who live in the same household can attend an inspection together, including partners, housemates and children.

An agent can also attend the property to facilitate the inspection but they must wait outside while the inspection is taking place.

Are auctions being conducted on-site?

Auctions remain online until about October 26 when Victoria is projected to reach a 70 per cent double-dose vaccination rate.

Once this milestone has been reached, on-site auctions will be permitted outdoors for up to 50 people who are fully vaccinated.

26 Ocean Way, Craigieburn, sold for $700,000 under the virtual hammer on Saturday.

I’m a photographer, can I photograph a property?

No, not until October 26.

I’m a stylist, can I attend and style a property?

No, not until October 26.

Can an agent come and appraise my house for sale?

This is currently unclear.

The Herald Sun is seeking clarification.

A neighbor is considering buying my home. Can I let them have a look through after work?

No. Inspections are only permitted via a booking system and must be scheduled through an agent or official channel.

Can I move house?

Yes, you can move house if you had already arranged to do so.

What if I own two properties?

The property you were at as of 8pm on August 5 is the property you must remain at.

You can attend an investment property or holiday home, even if it is outside your 10km radius, for emergency maintenance works only.

I work in construction, am I allowed to go to work?

The government on Monday announced a two-week shut down of construction.

This means no workers are permitted on site for 14 days.

Construction workers are also required to have had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccination from 11.59pm on September 23.

I live in regional Victoria, what are the rules for inspections and auctions?

Regional Victoria is largely out of lockdown, which means private, in-person inspections via a booking system are permitted and auctions can be conducted with 10 people in attendance.

In-person inspections and auctions are not currently permitted in Geelong, the Surf Coast or Mitchell Shire regions, where a seven-day lockdown is currently in place.

Source: Victorian Department of Health


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